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  • 98% of patients lose at least two inches in their first session!
  • Spot treat target areas! Stomach fat, chin fat, back fat, lovehandles, arm fat and more!
  • No pain, no needles, no surgery, no downtime, no side effects, no regrets.
  • Unlike other technologies, UltraSlim does not touch the body, but uniformly covers an area 23" by 17".
  • Use your UltraSlim success to jumpstart lifestyles changes to maintain and improve your health and body image
  • ​Immediate results without diet or exercise, patients lose an average of 2" in first session!!

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Before and After Pictures:

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What To Expect:

The Full Experience:

  • Greeted with a warm welcome and walked to your treatment room.

  • We start by having a 10 min consultation where we set goals and expectations for your body needs.

  • Service starts with taking a 3D System Image, measuring visceral fat and assessing target areas.

  • Measurements for the thighs, waist and hips are taken.

  • Now we're ready to place you under the ultra slim light therapy for 32 min, rotating accordingly.

  • After the therapy session is done, we scan and measure one more time.

  • You'll find that you've lost a TOTAL of at least 2 inches or more of cumulative fat.

Real People, Real Results!

"I am very happy with my Ultraslim results. Having had only 3 treatments I can see and feel a big difference in my body & how my clothes fit. I will definitely be continuing treatments & referring my friends and family to Delray Ultraslim."

-Guerline Aneus

"WOW, I am totally impressed with Delray Ultraslim. The prfessional services with Ciara and the outcome of the treatments! I came to their office with the expectation that this could not possibly work. I continued with my healthy eating and limiting carbs as well as continuing my exercise program. After six weekly sessions, I have seen a major improvement in how I feel, how I look and how my clothes fit. I lost a total of 10 inches combined. Never have I ever lost this many inches in 6 weeks doing my usual regimen. I am now a true believer in Ultraslim as I have seen the results. I am so grateful for the results and would recommend Delray Ultraslim highly to anyone looking to reshape their body natuarally!"

-Deborah Stermer



Dr. Eric Bjerke graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic after retiring from the military. As a decorated veteran, he served his country with distinction as an Army helicopter pilot. After recovering from a severe back injury with the implementation of chiropractic medicine, Dr. Bjerke was able to return to duty and flying and was inspired to become a chiropractor himself. Dr. Bjerke keeps current with continuing education to ensure his patients are receiving the optimal and most advanced care to date. He is a Certified Orthotic Fitter, a Trauma-Qualified Chiropractic Physician, a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association, and a member of the Florida Chiropractic Physician Association. Dr. Bjerke understands how debilitating back pain can be; his commitment to his patient's health and well-being is not only his occupation, it is personal.


Danielle Diamond is a professional that has over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. Before working in the hospitality industry she served her country proudly as a US Marine.

Danielle is bringing to Delray UltraSlim her love of helping people reach their goals of feeling and looking their best.

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